Monday, 12 November 2012

Sun-Pluto in Synastry

Sun conjunct Pluto

Pluto is the planet of “no Bullshit”, so there is nothing superficial about this union! Like a moth to a flame, the Sun person is drawn to the Pluto person. The Sun person is likely to be mesmerized and fascinated to the Pluto.  The Pluto usually has the upper hand in the relationship, as the Sun person is enthralled, and even obsessed, with the Pluto person. The Sun person stimulates Pluto’s jealousy and possessiveness. The fear of losing one another is present, as is the desire to know each other’s deepest secrets. This is an indicator of a deep attraction and a powerful sexual connection.

Sun sextile or trine Pluto

This aspect indicates mutual fascination, and the desire to delve into the depths of each other’s minds. This aspect is a lot like the conjunction, except it is less dramatic.

Sun opposite or square Pluto

The two of you have a profound, transformative effect on each other. You experience emotions you never even knew you had as a result of this relationship. This is an indicator of a love-hate relationship. This relationship is characterized by power struggles, as the two of you wish to dominate the other. You are compelled to find out every detail about each other’s lives, and this desire often leads to unhealthy obsession and possessiveness. If you two break up, it will be very difficult to remain friends.


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