Monday, 12 November 2012

Sun-Saturn in Synastry

Sun conjunct Saturn

This is a binding connection. The Saturn person stabilizes the Sun person, and the couple truly feels they can depend on one another. You take responsibilities to one another seriously, which is conducive to any successful long-term relationship. However, the Saturn person may be somewhat of a wet blanket to the Sun person. This is because the Sun person brings out the Saturn’s person’s insecurities. Fearing the Sun person’s withdrawal of interest, the Saturn person may criticize and judge the Sun person. Due to this criticism, the Sun person’s self-confidence and enthusiasm may decrease. It is easy for the couple to feel stifled and restricted by the relationship.

Sun sextile or trine Saturn

This is a very helpful aspect in synastry. Saturn feels dedicated and responsible towards the Sun person, and the Sun is supportive of the Saturn person. This aspect indicates the two of you desire to build a lasting relationship together, full of commitment and dedication. In a marriage, you will be dedicated and helpful to one another.

Sun opposite or square Saturn

This is a very difficult aspect to find in synastry, yet it is commonly found in the synastry charts of married couples! Like the conjunction, this aspect indicates the tendency for the Saturn to criticize and nag the Sun person. The Sun person feels blocked and discouraged by the Saturn person. It is as if whatever the Sun person does, it is not good enough for the Saturn person. Still, the feeling of responsibility and duty to one another is present.

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